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CEDOC structures and facilitates the work on CE marking and risk assessment of machinery

The program deals with machine safety and has been developed in order to facilitate the introduction of proper CE marking routines.
The CE marking requirement normally applies to machinery manufactured since 1995. The program also includes requirement for ”Use of work equipment” for ”old equipment” that was manufactured earlier than 1995.

CEDOC is strictly anchored to the directives and standards...

…promising a strong position in the event of control by the authority.

Risk assessment is based of the requirements in:
– Machinery directive 2006/42/EC
– Use of work equipment 2009/104/EC
– EN ISO 12100:2010 -Risk assessment and risk reduction

Who is CEDOC developed for?

Both machine manufacturers, machine users and selling companies need to meet the requirements for safe machines.

CEDOC is aiming at machine manufacturers, integrators, consultants, employers, safety representatives and end users of machines or installations.

We offer courses in English for those who want to learn more about CEDOC and risk assessment of machinery.

5 steps to CE marking with CEDOC - It doesn't get easier!

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Constant development

CEDOC is developed by engineers who carry out CE marking daily.

Our specialists have close contact with authorities and research institutes so that CEDOC continuously is updated with the latest news. We are also participating in standardisation work at Swedish Institute of Standards.

License options

Demo – Download and try CEDOC for 30 days. It only takes a few minutes to get started.
Checkout/Checkin license – For multiple users at the same time. No need to have your own license server.
Software license – For use on one computer and one user.
Floating license – For you who are multiple users and work online.
CEDOC Viewer – If you do not have a license, you can select Viewer Mode in CEDOC. In this mode one can open a CEDOC file but not edit or change it. It is possible to complete the measures plan, save and print the file.

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CEDOC is user-friendly “Straight – Simple – Clear“ – Easy affordable way to CE marking – Risk assessment you will understand – Image management – Multilingual – CEDOC is structured and reusable –  CEDOC can be used as part of quality assurance of machines – Risk assessment according to the latest requirements – User aid – a tool that interprets parts of certain standards – Analysis of safe control circuits PLr and SIL – Professional support.


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