CEDOC's sustainability policy

For CEDOC, sustainability means that we actively take responsibility for the impact of operations make on the society. A sustainable business is fundamental in our long-term development of operations and business. Our ambition is to develop services that contribute to a sustainable world for future generations. Our mission is "Safe machines for everyone". CEDOC sees sustainable business as a social, ethical, environmental and financial responsibility where we work purposefully within the entire operation to live as we learn: committed, clear, courageous and curious. We evaluate and transparently report our impact on society. For us, sustainable business is synonymous with CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility.

Download a Swedish version of our sustainability policy


We are committed to reducing our climate impact and its consequences. We work actively to map our impact in the areas where we operate and for a sustainable life cycle of the services we deliver. Working with reduced energy consumption and the use of renewable energy sources is important to us.


We are clear about our responsibility to work for equality, decent working conditions and sustainable economic growth. For us, growth equals sustainable security. In our company, every individual should feel respected and heard. Therefore, it goes without saying that we follow labor market laws, environmental legislation, safety requirements and other international agreements and conventions such as the OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies and the principles of the UN Global Compact initiative.


We are brave when it comes to standing up for our core values and our mission “Safe machines for everyone”. At CEDOC, we dare to challenge and question, see the truth and consistently act accordingly. We are honest, open, non-prestigious and impartial in our relationships with business partners and have zero tolerance for actions that override free competition.


We are curious and constantly work to identify new opportunities to improve our services. Innovation and development are the key to sustainable solutions for both the economy, the environment and society. By being creative and solution-focused, we want to constantly learn new things, work smart and efficiently in all aspects.