CEDOC Partner and Assignment company

CEDOC is headquartered in Sweden. Resellers are located in several countries and are divided into Partners and Assignment companies.

Partner has the right to mediate business with CEDOC and also provide support and CEDOC user training in the local language. Assignment companies have the right to mediate business with CEDOC, also give initially information in their native language.

CEDOC Partner Sweden

JL Safety AB
Website: www.jlsafety.se
E-mail: info@jlsafety.se
Phone: +46 (0) 511-79 88 00

CEDOC Partner Norway

Automasjon & Sikkerhet AS
Website: www.automasjonsikkerhet.no
E-mail: post@automasjonsikkerhet.no
Phone: +47 33 01 52 20

CEDOC Partner Finland

Koneturva Oy
Website: www.koneturva.fi
E-mail: info@koneturva.fi
Phone: +358 40 519 9613


CEDOC Assignment companies Sweden

Swedish Institute for Standards – www.sis.se
SSP North AB – www.sspnorth.com

CEDOC Assignment companies Norway

Ekeberg Sikkerhet og Automasjon AS – www.ekebergsa.no