Finally – here’s CEDOC’s new headquarters


CEDOC has just moved to its new headquarters in Science Park, Skövde. Here they sit comfortably on the fourth floor close to the University of Skövde and thousands of competent IT entrepeuners

Now the colleagues at CEDOC have gained access to their new headquarters in Science Park, Skövde. With the new office in Science Park, there is immediate proximity both to other companies in the software and security industry as well as to the University of Skövde. However, the office in Skara is still there, where they plan to continue offering their user training in CEDOC as usual.

– Science Park is a strategic location for CEDOC. Here we can more easily make meaningful contacts, both with other entrepreneurs and with students who facilitate and enable CEDOC’s journey. The competence base in huge, says Victor Thilander, Vice President of CEDOC.

The new business environment also benefits CEDOC in the development of the software.

– We have an exciting journey ahead of us, which we can tell you more about soon. The move of the headquarters to Science Park allows us to add another gear, says Victor Thilander.

– Moving CEDOC to Skövde is a strategic move. This environment will not only help us with our growth, it will also help the industry to be a more safe and healthy workplace, says Stefan Gustafsson Ledell, CEO of CEDOC and part of Proton Group Management.