We have collected some frequently asked questions (FAQ) in different categories regarding CEDOC license types and invoicing questions.

We also have a video library with short instructional videos on program functions.


We invoicie on a rolling 12 month basis, in advance against invoice (30 days net).

Example: If you buy the license in July, you will be invoiced for 12 months. A new invoice will then arrive before the end of the next rolling 12 month period, in July the next year.

Termination of subscription

Termination of the subscription shall be made at least three months before your next rolling 12 month period ends. The termination should be written and e-mailed to info@cedoc.com. You will receive a confirmation of the termination in return. In the case of hardware locks, the lock must be returned no later than the last day of December. Non-returned hardware locks will be charged.

Purchase order number

Does your company use a purchase order number?
Contact CEDOC support and we will link it to your order.

If a new annual ordering procedure is required in the following year, 110 EURO will be added annually.


We do not usually use quotes because the licenses are subscription-based with a specific termination period. We can always offer a cost estimate based on the current situation.

In specific cases, we can offer quotes, contact CEDOC support for help.

Billing address

Vallgatan 40
532 37 Skara

My company has changed its name

If your company has changed its name, contact CEDOC support for help updating to the correct information in the desired places.

Lost hardware lock

Cost is 4840 SEK / 484 EURO for new dongle (or if it can not be returned when the license is terminated).

How often is CEDOC updated?

CEDOC is updated 1-2 times a year and when directives or standards CEDOC refers to are updated.

Can you test CEDOC before buying?

Yes, we have a Demo version of CEDOC that you can download for free and test the program for 30 days. Read more and download.

Can you change the license type during the calendar year?

Yes, you can always upgrade your license at any time. Contact CEDOC support for assistance.

Can a person who doesn’t have a license open CEDOC files?

We have a software version called CEDOC-Viewer. In it, you can open a CEDOC files but only edit the last columns of the action plan.

If you have CEDOC installed, you will find the version under the menu Tools-> Settings. If you don’t have CEDOC installed, you can find it here: CEDOC Viewer.

How many languages ​​is CEDOC in?

CEDOC is available in 8 languages. You can change language under the menu “Language”.

Swedish, English, Spanish, German, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish and French.

Where is the user guide?

The user guide can be found in the program under the menu “Help” at the top.

Save documents to PDF

Go to the menu “File” and select Print (Print the current tab or all tabs as needed). In the windows dialogue box, select the option “Microsoft print to PDF” and then follow the instructions.

CEDOC and Windows 11

Today CEDOC works on a computer with Windows 11 without any problems.
(If you are doing a fresh install on a Windows 11 computer, you may need to right-click on the downloaded .msi file, select properties and unblock. Due to Windows’ new security functions.)


132 EURO/month - 140 EURO/month

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