Certified CEDOC Expert

CEDOC's vision is to facilitate everyday life for everyone affected by the legal requirements within machine safety and thereby be the number one program used in all prioritized markets.

Within the CEDOC – Assignment and Partner concept, Certified CEDOC Expert has been specifically developed to ensure that the professional competence of the user of CEDOC is correct, which increases the credibility of the users. But also because certification increases the value of the company and the individual.

Certified CEDOC Expert

To become a Certified CEDOC Expert, the individual must undergo a qualification procedure, which ensures that the individual has relevant knowledge of the subject of machine safety and CE.

Do you have what it takes?
The prior knowledge needed to become a Certified CEDOC Expert is the basics of machine safety, practical risk assessment and CEDOC.


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The certification

The cost for completing the test is 600 EUR excl. VAT. The certification includes an emblem and the right to use the title Certified CEDOC Expert. The certification is personal and valid for 3 years from passing the test.

The certification consists of two parts:
– Knowledge control in the subject of machine safety, CE marking and CEDOC software.
– Infill technical practical knowledge of the CEDOC software.

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