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CEDOC 3.3.0 contains the Directive for the use of work equipment 2009/104/EC in all 8 languages.

It also makes it possible to combine the risk assessment for the Machinery Directive with the user perspective for the employer's obligations and organisational requirements. Below we show and explain the new features!

The new risk assessment option "Existing machine"

In version 3.3, options have been added for the choices you make under “risk assessment options”.

As before, choose the type of risk assessment you want to do. If you choose the Machinery Directive, you can continue to choose between “II 1A – New Machinery CE”, “II 1B – Partial machinery”, “Rebuilding” or now also the new option: “Existing machinery“.

Why "Existing machinery"?

The option for “Existing machinery” can be selected for risk assessment (or control) of machines already placed on the market or machines that are put into operation and are thus already CE marked by a manufacturer.

The purpose of this choice may be to carry out a risk assessment when you have purchased a new machine and want to check that it actually meets the essential health and safety requirements.

CE mark is not always a guarantee

It may also be that you as a user want to risk assess the existing machines in your production or organization. The fact that machines are CE marked is no guarantee that they are completely safe without risks. Once you have ticked the type of risk assessment that you wish to do, a new tab will appear at the top of the window. It is under this tab that the risk assessment is then carried out.

New risk assessment option - Use of work equipment

Another new option is that you can now risk assess according to the directive for “Use of work equipment” 2009/104/EC. This directive concerns the minimum safety and health requirements for the use of work equipment by workers at work.

The directive is divided in three parts; “Employer’s obligations”, “Minimum requirements” and “Use of work equipment”.

Minimum requirements only apply to work equipment manufactured before 1995

Annex 1 “Minimum requirements” is the essential health and safety requirements for old machinery and only apply to work equipment manufactured before 1995. Therefore, it is not possible to choose “Minimum Requirements” if you have already chosen the “Machinery Directive” that applies to machines manufactured after 1995.

Machinery Directive with Use of work equipment

This is an option for, for example, a company that manufactures its own machines to also check that the machine can be used properly while carrying out the risk assessment in accordance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive.

Risk assessment distinguished

“Machinery Directive” is distinguished from “Use of work equipment” where “Use of work equipment” has orange colour on the tabs and the tabs of the Machinery Directive has blue colour.

Use of work equipment

If the risk assessment relates to work equipment manufactured before 1995, only ‘Use of work equipment’ is selected, not the Machinery Directive. Next, the selections for “Existing equipment” or “Rebuild/extension” are displayed.

Some examples

Below you see 2 examples taken from reality.

If you still have any questions or concerns about CEDOC, do not hesitate to contact us!


Example 1 - New Lifting equipment

A company manufactures a new lifting beam.

The lifting beam shall be risk assessed and CE marked in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

The company shall then use the lifting beam in its own organization and also performs a risk assessment for the use of the work equipment.

Example 2 - Purchased a new machine

A company has purchased a new machine that is CE marked and according to the manufacturer ready to be put into operation.

In order to check that the basic health and safety requirements are met before putting the machine into operation, they choose the  “Machinery Directive”  and  “Existing Machine”.