Structures and facillitates the work on the CE marking of machinery

CEDOC is a program that simplifies your work on CE marking of machinery and it´s designed by specialists with experience from over thousands of CE-marking missions in various industries.

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Developed through experience

CEDOC is built on the experience of closer to 1000 CE-marking assignments in various industries such as engineering, automotive, food and wood industries.


Our specialists have close contact with authorities and research institutes so that CEDOC continuously is updated with the latest news.

Strong position

CEDOC is strictly anchored to the directives and standards, promising a strong position in the event of control by the authority.

Constant development

CEDOC software is developed by the engineers who carry out the CE marking on a daily basis.

Who is CEDOC developed for?

CEDOC is aiming at machine manufacturers, integrators, consultants, business people or end users of machines or installations Factory.


User-friendly - Coverage of directives and regulations - Risk assessment by the latest demands - Analysis of safety circuits PLr, SIL - Image handling - Multilingual - Short pay-off time

We are using CEDOC

ABB, AP&T, Arla Foods, Atlas Copco, AH Automation, Cyklop, Dafgård, Daloc, Electrolux, Jernbro, Kinnarps, Löfqvist Engineering, Pöyry, Rejlers, Sandvik, Sapa, Scania CV, Semcon, SKF, SSAB, Volvo, AFRY and more.


CEDOC is available worldwide and is accessible in 8 languages

Different license types

We have 3 different license types for your company’s conditions and working methods.

Checkout/Checkin license – Software license – Floating license

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The development of CEDOC started in 1995 by Dan Assarsson, a consultant in the CE issues and was initially based on manual checklists in Word. Lists was subsequently transferred to Excel and some macro features were added. CEDOC is developed with experience from real CE markings, of the best in the industry.

New generation

The new generation of CEDOC has a new user interface that puts focus on practical use. Users can be found in both small companies and large multinational companies.


CEDOC is an independent application. CEDOC has focus on the Machinery Directive and selected harmonized standards. The program has been carefully reviewed by internal and external experts in the subject.