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Finally – here’s CEDOC’s new headquarters

CEDOC has just moved to its new headquarters in Science Park, Skövde. Here they sit comfortably on the fourth floor close to the University of Skövde and thousands of competent IT entrepeuners.

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CE vs UKCA - Indefinite extension of CE marking in UK

Since the UK left the EU, the CE product mark has still been accepted and companies have thus been able to use either the UKCA or the CE mark. Now, a new decision has been made.

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Timeline for the machinery regulation

On the 18th of April this year, the EU Parliament voted for the machinery regulation 2023/1230 and in June the machinery regulation was published in the "Official Journal".

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We are launching a new license type!

There has been a great demand for a license that doesn’t require your own license server. Starting today, we offer it.

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CEDOC is headquartered in Skövde, Sweden. Historically, there has been no employees at the company, and the CEDOC software has been sold through JL Safety and partners. Since 2023, there are six employees, ready to develop one of the world’s leading software for risk assessment and CE marking of machines. Join us on our journey!

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CEDOC Partners

JL Safety AB
Automasjon & Sikkerhet AS
Koneturva OY

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CEDOC is simple, straightforward and easy to use

We offer you the world leading software, CEDOC, to help you with risk assessment and CE marking of machines.
CEDOC is designed by our safety of machinery specialists with experience from more than thousands of missions in various industries.

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5 easy steps to CE mark your machinery

CEDOC facilitaties and structures your work on risk assessment and CE marking of machinery. It includes among other things technical documentation, CE sign and EC declaration.

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The software that simplify and structures your risk assessment of machinery!

CEDOC is a world leading software that simplifies and structures the work around risk assessment, safety of machinery and CE marking of machinery. CEDOC is produced and developed by machine safety specialists who have experience from thousands of CE marking missions within the majority of different industries, both nationally and internationally. CEDOC is handeling risk assessments both towards the Machinery Directive and Use of work equipment. Try the software for free!